My Inspirations

Leo “Paco” Corey –He is my grandfather and my hero.  I especially like this quote of his from the video.  “I know I have reading difficulties, but I’m good at everything else I do.”  Even though Paco never finished high school or went to college, he had an amazing career. That just proves that dyslexics (even undiagnosed ones) can do anything!
 Paco (second from left) with his six siblings.
Dr. Sally Shaywitz – Her book, “Overcoming Dyslexia” helped my family not only to understand but also to change our outlook on this learning disability.  She and her husband, Dr. Bennett Shaywitz have devoted their careers to researching dyslexia; they are dyslexics’ greatest advocates.  Dr. Sally Shaywitz is on the Board of Directors of Learning Ally. To hear her speak, click here.  To learn more about the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, click here.
The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia - This award-winning HBO documentary was produced by Karen Pritzker and directed by James Redford. It features the stories of dyslexic students and their families. My Paco Project partner, Skye Lucas is in the film as well as James Redford's own son, Dylan. I was lucky enough to meet Dylan who encouraged me to dream big when it came to The Paco Project. Oh yes, he also told me not to worry too much about standardized tests! To learn more about this film click here.
 At the HBO premiere of the film, with Dylan and his grandfather, Robert.
The Hewitt School Faculty – Ever since my first day in the fourth grade, all of my teachers at Hewitt have been extremely supportive and motivating. They encourage me to think “outside the box” and continually question, “Why?”
Learning Ally Volunteers – How can I ever thank the over 6,000 volunteers who give of their time and effort recording books so that I can have a successful academic career. True Inspirations!

My West Side Tae Kwon Do Family - They continue to push me to give 110% and always tell me to "Dream BIG."